Viledon PSB Series Air Filter Roll

Viledon Air Filter Roll | Industrial Air Filtration Products
  • This Viledon air filter roll is excellent for use as a prefilter in general commercial HVAC applications and also the general protection of equipment, PSB is ideally suited to upgrade from polyurethane foam filters.
  • 100% organic synthetic, non-shedding, polyester fibers are thermally bonded to resist moisture and chemicals in this Viledon Air Filter Roll.
  • Viledon PSB is available in three thicknesses, in cut pads, and rolls.
  • Viledon PSB media is moisture-resistant up to 100% relative humidity.
  • Viledon PSB is environmentally friendly, designed to comply with most landfill regulations.
  • Viledon PSB polyester-based media is UV Resistant.
  • Temperature resistance: continuous 212 degrees Fahrenheit, peaks 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • UL 900 Class 2.