Purafil Options for Airports

Purafil Air Filter

Purafil suggests a combination of patented Purafil chemical filtration media for complete control of contaminants in airport applications. Purafil recommends the use of Purafil’s Triple-Blend Makeup Air Media, which contains a 50:25:25 blend, respectively of:

  • Puracarb - impregnated activated alumina and carbon-based media
  • Purafil SP - sodium per-manganate-impregnated activated alumina media
  • Prakol - activated carbon media

In most cases, Purafil recommends the Triple-Blend Makeup Air media because it removes the widest variety of odors and gases. Each type of media targets a particular pollutant specific to engine exhaust – Purafil SP for removal of nitric oxide and Puracarb for removal of nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide – 95% of the the totalgaseous contaminants found in engine exhaust. Purakol and Purafil SP, working in conjunction, remove most of the remaining contaminants.