EFS F8 FG V-Bank Micro Fiberglass Filter

Fiberglass Air Filter

V-Bank Micro Fiberglass Filter

  • The EFS F8 FG V4-Bank Air Filter is constructed to withstand high velocities and turbulence, and is excellent for many types of air handling systems.
  • The rigid frame construction prevents damage to media for longer filter life.
  • The filter performance, frame dimensions, and depth of the EFS F8FG mini-pleat V-Bank meet the requirements of standard air handling systems, which use the square, box type filters.
  • Provides exceptionally low pressure drop (.36”) at high efficiency levels (95+%/MERV 15) promoting significant energy savings.
  • The EFS F8FG filter element is free of metal parts, eliminating the risk of corrosion and punctures.
  • The EFS F8FG mini-pleat V-Bank is lightweight and easy to handle for low-cost transport and disposal.
  • The media consists of non-shedding micro fiberglass paper coated with a water repellent binder to resist moisture.
  • Uniform pleat spacing improves filter performance and promotes maximum exposure to media area.
  • Over 202 square feet of high efficient media (24” x 24” x 12”, nominal) for low air flow resistance.