Camfil LM6000 Composite Filter

The LM6000 series fit GE's LM6000 Air Inlet Systems. The cartridge has two filtering stages in a composite design: an inner filter that works as a pre-filter extending the life of the final filter and a high efficiency outer filter.

The inner filter is a depth loading high loft synthetic with high air permeability. It is constructed with a reusable velcro retainer attached to the inside of the top filter pan for easy installation and removal. Typically changed more often than the outer filter it protects against coarse particles, humidity and salt.

The outer filter is our PolyTech HE blended media have a microfiber, synthetic, melt-blown surface laminate and moisture-resistant silicone treatment for optimum filtration efficiency and dust release characteristics. The blend of cellulosic and synthetic fibers provides added moisture resistance.