B+ Cel Pads

  • EFS B (black) + Cel Pad features a special B+ coating that protects the surface of the air entering the side from outside elements found in harsh environments.
  • Designed to provide maximum cooling at low pressure drop, the B+ coated edge provides durability to withstand repeated cleaning without damaging the Cel Pad.
  • EFS B+ Cel Pad is comprised of chemically treated cellulose paper that resists deterioration. The fluted angles provide optimal mixing of air and water for maximum cooling as the B+ Cel Pad directs more water to the air entering face of the pad where the majority of evaporation occurs.
  • The nonporous, quick-drying B+ coating prevents algae and minerals from anchoring into the substrate of the pad. The B+ coating also protects the pads from long-term exposure to UV light and the damaging effects of severe weather.
  • The strong, weather resistant B+ coating extends the life of the pad.