2" High Temperature Air Filter

High temperature air filter
  • Manufactured of specially selected components, EFS High Temp filters are ideal for applications requiring high efficient filtration at high temperatures.
  • EFS High Temp filters are designed for high temperature applications up to 700°F.
  • Offered in two efficiency ranges: MERV 11 (65%) and MERV 14 (95%) per ASHRAE Standard 52.2.
  • These filters can withstand extremely high temperatures, making them effective for facilities that routinely experience high heat.
  • The filters are composed of special components that resist extreme temperature changes, making them optimal for air filtration at high temperatures.
  • The aluminum frame is self-extinguishing and is sturdy enough to repel corrosion inhibitors at high temperatures.
  • The filter media is made of fiberglass, which operates perfectly at any temperature.