Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filtration

Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filter Suppliers

In response to increasing output requirements and longer service periods, it is required by the operators to effectively optimize their air inlet filter, for both short and long term purposes.

The functioning of the gas turbine is heavily reliant on an air inlet filter. With the passage of time, these air inlet filters for gas turbines have evolved from simple coarse solid particulate removal systems to sophisticated and efficient systems capable to filter both solid & liquid particles. This evolution and development of the air filtration system for gas turbine was necessary in view of increasing sensitive nature of the particles entering such turbines. The technology has led to higher tolerance of the machines and systems in modern turbines for increased operating temperature.

Due to these reasons, choosing the gas turbine air intake filter is a crucial point of the gas turbine design. Sub-standard inlet air systems can negatively affect operations, performance and lifespan of the gas turbine. The improper functioning of the gas turbine inlet air filters can lead to erosion, corrosion and fouling. Hence, the efficiency and output up gradation of gas turbines should be ensured by availability of proper inlet filtration.